Rental Application

Download Our Rental Application

Instructions for filling out the application:

  1. Please fill out the application as completely as possible. An incomplete application may delay approval.
  2. Every intended resident over the age of 18 must be listed on the rental application as an applicant.
  3. If you were referred to us by one of our residents, please indicate such on the first page.
  4. Each applicant must sign and date the Consumer Notice in the top left corner of page 2.
  5. You will note that pages 2 and 3 are divided into two columns. The primary applicant should enter his/her information in the first column, and the secondary applicant should list his/her information in the second column. If there are more than two applicants, please print a second copy of the application so that each applicant fills out his/her own column.
  6. Each applicant must answer the questions in the middle of Page 3 with a yes or a no.
  7. Each applicant must sign the application at the bottom of Page 3.
  8. If you intend to have a pet while living with us, please fill out the pet application on Page 4 and sign at the bottom. If you do not intend to have a pet, please check the box at the top stating “I/we do not have a pet” and sign at the bottom.

After you have filled out the application, please bring it to our office in person with the following items:

  1. A check for $100 PLUS $30 per applicant over the age of 18. For example, if there is only one applicant, the total check should be for $130. If are three applicants, the check should be for $190. The $100 is a good faith reservation fee which will be applied to your security deposit if you move in and the $30 per applicant is a nonrefundable application fee.
  2. Social Security cards for all applicants.
  3. Driverʼs license or some other form of government-issued ID for all applicants.
  4. Last two paystubs, or other suitable proof of income, for all applicants.